Why American Express Is The Best Credit Card

Credit cards have become popular nowadays with more people opting to use this method of currency over traditional modes of payment. Credits cards allow users to spend money up to a certain limit without immediately having the need for cash. This means that users can use their card for purchasing and can pay the bank later. Credit cards also come with a lot of exciting benefits and rewards which allow credit card companies to retain customers amidst the huge competition between different companies. However, one such credit card is becoming immensely popular and is being the most sought after credit card in today’s times. We present to you, the American Express credit card.


American Express has been around since as late as the 1800s. They became popular among individuals and companies and has become the number one credit card issuer in the United States. American Express follows a close business model of customer retention where they constantly strive to change their benefits and rewards for people and also make the terms of paying back credit much easier. It can be hard to get your card working but we have a link that can help; confirm card.
Read on to find out more about why American Express is the best credit card.

* Exciting rewards for spending

American express provides a host of rewards to customers when they make a purchase using their credit card. Customers can avail cash backs and discounts on dining, travel, movie tickets, flights and supermarkets.

* Attractive welcome offer

They provide a sizable offer for new customers which can include up to $35000 in benefits. This is helpful in starting on with new credit card and making sure you don’t have to worry about balance.

* Flexible modes of reward redemption

Users can redeem their rewards in a variety of ways like gift cards, credits and even amazon pay. They also have a number of hotel and airline partners where users can redeem exclusive discounts and avail benefits.

* Other exciting perks

Car insurance, lost baggage insurance, full refund of items returned within the 90 day period and even logistics services are just some of the American Express icing on the cake.

* Huge number of partner retailers

Around 90% of all retail stores and outlets accept American Express credit cards and offer discounts and cash backs. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people prefer to use American Express credit cards when shopping as it leads to a lower bill amount.


Amidst a lot of other credit cards in the market, American Express has managed to definitely stand out from the crowd. Their lucrative reward system and ease of owning a credit card has made it accessible to a large number of people. They also keep on updating their reward system and incorporate more and more retailers into the game. Be it for travel or fine dining, American Express has got you covered. Some of the most exclusive lounges at airports and 7 star hotels can also be accessed by an American Express credit card. American Express has got you covered in all walks of life.

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