The Trump Report: Path To Victory

. Path To Victory Despite hitting a rough patch last week – as all campaigns do from time to time – prominent political commentator Pat Buchanan believes that Donald Trump still has a path to victory. He says the first thing Mr. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Clinton Is Compromised

. Clinton Is Compromised Crooked Hillary’s careless use of unsecured servers while secretary of state, along with recently disclosed hacks of data stored on other Democrat computers, tells us one thing loud and clear – Crooked Hillary is entirely compromised … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Assad Obama

. Assad Obama Over the past few years we have had to endure statement after statement from Obama about the dire need for regime change in Syria. No Obama lie has been told more often or better highlights his failures … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Prepare For A Hard Winter

Prepare For A Hard Winter Last week several thousand people attended the rally at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, for Donald Trump’s first visit to Georgia in his presidential campaign. Trump highlighted the “distortions” of the news media … Continue reading →