The Trump Report: 9/11

. 9/11 Fifteen years ago today, radical Islamic terrorists, mainly from Saudi Arabia, hijacked four planes and used them in murderous attacks on America. Two of those planes were deliberately flown into the Twin Towers in New York. A further … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – 9/11 Celebrations, Trump Is Right, AGAIN!

9/11 Celebrations Trump Is Right, AGAIN! Never very far away from controversy, thanks to an unsympathetic media and rival candidates just waiting for a chance to pounce on him, Donald Trump has been in the thick of it again recently … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – A Nightmare Scenario

A Nightmare Scenario This is not a report about the election directly today, but about something that the new president will inherit. Thanks of course to the idiot currently in the White House. Let me pose a few pertinent questions … Continue reading →