The Trump Report: Big Trouble For Hillary

. Big Trouble For Hillary Forget the recent very biased news headlines from the MSM. The truth is Crooked Hillary is in trouble, big trouble. A recent poll of North Carolina voters, released by the Civitas Institute, shows Trump leading … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Hillary’s America: the Movie

. Hillary’s America: the Movie If you haven’t yet got a chance to see ‘Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party’, it should definitely be on your must-do list. When you do go, take along some of your … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – He Says What He Thinks, Not What He Thinks He Should Say.

He Says What He Thinks, Not What He Thinks He Should Say A lot of the time Donald Trump says what he really thinks, not what he thinks he should say. That is evidence that Trump is a businessman primarily, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – The Entertainer Continues

The Entertainer Continues If Donald Trump has done nothing else, apart from entertaining us, he has raised some uncomfortable truths for Americans to face. For too many years people in America have had the luxury of sitting on the fence, … Continue reading →