The Trump Report: The Keystone XL Pipeline

. The Keystone XL Pipeline Under the Trump administration government bureaucracy is getting out of the way so this $8 billion investment can finally get started. After years of obstruction by the Obama administration, President Trump has cleared away the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Flynn Conspiracy

. The Flynn Conspiracy One of the big headline grabbers of the past few days has been the surprise resignation of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn. The official story from the White House about Flynn concentrates on his … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Obama Rejects VA Reform

. Obama Rejects VA Reform In a move that was not unexpected from America‚Äôs dumbest President, Barrack Obama is disputing a recommendation to change the management structure of the Department of Veterans Affairs network of hospitals, saying it would undermine … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Convention Day Three

. Convention Day Three First of all, the announcement that is no surprise to anyone. At the RNC Convention yesterday Donald Trump was officially declared as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. He broke through the 1,237 threshold needed to clinch … Continue reading →