The Trump Report: California Deadline Approaching

. California Deadline Approaching This is an important message for Trump supporters in California. The California Primary is on June 7th. It is an important state because of the number of delegates. There are 172 delegates available in California and … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Super Tuesday, Super Trumpday!

. Super Tuesday, Super Trumpday! Today is Tuesday April 26, another super Tuesday in the GOP primary calendar. Voters in five states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island – go to the polls to choose their candidate for … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Is 1,100 The New 1,237?

. Is 1,100 The New 1,237? During a recent television interview RNC Rules Committee Member Randy Evans said, “If Donald Trump exceeds 1100 votes, he will become the nominee.” If this is true it is great news for Trump, because … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Make Or Break Tuesday

. Make Or Break Tuesday Tomorrow will be a big day in the lives of two of the remaining presidential hopefuls. Both Marco Rubio and John Kasich battle on their respective home states – and they must win them to … Continue reading →