The Trump Report: The Greedy Clintons

. The Greedy Clintons The greed of the Clintons is almost beyond belief. They have amassed hundreds of millions (some say “billions”) of dollars by operating State Department pay-to-play scams, selling state secrets and lucrative government contracts to foreign countries … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – No More Wasting Taxpayers’ Money

No More Wasting Taxpayers’ Money According to Air Force records, American taxpayers funded an unbelievable $4.4 million worth of golfing and fundraising trips for President Obama in February and March of this year alone. Taxpayers should be outraged that Obama … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Immigration Reform Plan

Donald Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan Donald Trump has published his immigration reform plan that will make America great again. It makes good reading for any prospective voter. Trump says that, “Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first … Continue reading →