The Trump Report: The Greedy Clintons

. The Greedy Clintons The greed of the Clintons is almost beyond belief. They have amassed hundreds of millions (some say “billions”) of dollars by operating State Department pay-to-play scams, selling state secrets and lucrative government contracts to foreign countries … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: What About Bill And Jeffrey?

. What About Bill And Jeffrey? If Hillary Clinton manages to stay out of prison for long enough to get beaten by Donald Trump in the general election, one of her campaigners is going to be her wayward husband and … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Trump Can Beat Clinton

Trump Can Beat Clinton When this presidential race started it looked like Hillary Clinton versus a same old, same old, dull and boringly ‘safe’ Republican candidate. She had it in the bag. She thought so, as did everyone else. Then … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Clinton Corruption

Have You Read This? When I ask, “Have you read this?” I am talking about Peter Schweizer’s book, ‘Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich’. This book exposes … Continue reading →