The Trump Report: The Firing Of FBI Director Comey

. The Firing Of FBI Director Comey President Trump has made the decision to fire FBI Director James Comey because of his mishandling of the inquiry into Crooked Hillary’s emails. Mr Comey, 56, was appointed FBI Director four years ago, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Hidden Benghazi Files “Recovered”

. Hidden Benghazi Files “Recovered” In spite of receiving a congressional subpoena last spring to release secretary of state Clinton’s records related to the Benghazi attack, State Department officials instead removed files from the secretary’s office and transferred them to … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Scalia Death Big Test for Washington Republicans

. Scalia Death Big Test For Washington Republicans The sad new broke recently that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed away while staying at the 30,000-acre luxury Texas ranch belonging to Houston businessman John Poindexter. His sudden death will have a … Continue reading →