The Trump Report: CIA Director Trashes Obama’s Anti-Terror Strategy

. CIA Director Trashes Obama’s Anti-Terror Strategy In a statement delivered to Congress yesterday (Thursday June 16, 2016) CIA Director John Brennan trashed Obama’s anti-terrorism strategy. He didn’t quite use those words, after all the man wants to keep his … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: PC/DC Part 1

. PC/DC Part 1 Trying to gain maximum political advantage from the recent horrific Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Obama plans to use more executive orders increase his gun control agenda. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, “The president … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Up Yours, Obama!

. Up Yours, Obama! We know Obama could care less about the American people and what they think. But now the feeling appears to be mutual. The American people couldn’t care less about what Obama thinks either. A few weeks … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – America’s Biggest Problem

. America’s Biggest Problem When Donald Trump entered the presidential race he highlighted various things that have gone wrong with America. Illegal immigration was by far the most talked about issue for many months. Everyone also knows and agrees that … Continue reading →