The Trump Report: Treacherous Ted Tanks In Texas

. Treacherous Ted Tanks In Texas Remember treacherous Ted Cruz, the sore loser who made a total jerk of himself on national TV at the RNC Conference in Cleveland? Well, he is still suffering the consequences of his dishonorable conduct. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – NEWSFLASH: Walker To Walk

Walker To Walk Rumor has it that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is set to walk out of the presidential race later tonight. Sources close to the Governor’s campaign are saying he is scheduled to hold a press conference in Madison, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Bye Bye Bobby

Bye Bye Bobby Bobby Jindal is the latest of the Republican presidential no-hopers to launch an attack on front runner Donald Trump. He did it in a speech at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. where he knew his … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Election Defections

Election Defections Rick Perry’s campaign seems to be in financial trouble. The Chairman of his Iowa campaign, Sam Clovis, is the latest to quit – and join Donald Trump. Unless his situation improves – and fast – Perry could be … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – The People Trust Trump

The People Trust Donald Trump A large – and growing – number of prospective conservative voters seem convinced that Donald Trump is their best choice for President. This is despite strenuous efforts by the Republican Party establishment and the media to tell them otherwise. … Continue reading →