The Trump Report – Is America Being Dumped On?

Is America Being Dumped On? Donald Trump has caused no end of controversy with his pronouncements about illegal immigration. His rival candidates for the Republican ticket were pushing each other out of the way to verbally abuse him for it. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – The People Trust Trump

The People Trust Donald Trump A large – and growing – number of prospective conservative voters seem convinced that Donald Trump is their best choice for President. This is despite strenuous efforts by the Republican Party establishment and the media to tell them otherwise. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Naked Ambition: Thankfully She Kept Her Clothes On!

Naked Ambition What is it with Hillary Clinton that she (a) wants to be President; (b) thinks she would make a good President; (c) believes she is ‘entitled’ to be President; and, (d) imagines there are enough idiots in the … Continue reading →