The Trump Report – Poll Result Shocker!

. Poll Result Shocker! For once we aren’t talking about another poll result that shows Donald Trump increasing his lead in the Republican race. That wouldn’t be a shock to anyone, he has been the poll topper for many months. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – NEWSFLASH: Walker To Walk

Walker To Walk Rumor has it that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is set to walk out of the presidential race later tonight. Sources close to the Governor’s campaign are saying he is scheduled to hold a press conference in Madison, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Threats In South Carolina

Threats In South Carolina Lindsey Graham, who is a big zero in the presidential race so far, tried to grab perhaps a last gasp headline for his failing campaign by having another go at Donald Trump. This time Graham said … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Another Poll Triumph For Trump

Another Poll Triumph For Trump The latest poll to be released is from CNN/ORC and guess what it says? Yes, just like the others – and in direct contradiction to the predictions of those who don’t know what they are talking about – Donald … Continue reading →