The Trump Report: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, along with running mate Mike Pence, headed to Baton Rouge yesterday to meet with victims of the catastrophic flooding. The floods in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have been described as … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Convention Day Three

. Convention Day Three First of all, the announcement that is no surprise to anyone. At the RNC Convention yesterday Donald Trump was officially declared as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. He broke through the 1,237 threshold needed to clinch … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Super Tuesday, Super Trumpday!

. Super Tuesday, Super Trumpday! Today is Tuesday April 26, another super Tuesday in the GOP primary calendar. Voters in five states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island – go to the polls to choose their candidate for … Continue reading →