The Trump Report – Donald Trump Is Breaking The Law

Breaking The Law I mean, of course, the Law of Gravity, because no matter what Donald Trump does, or what he says, or who he says it to, his popularity keeps going up. All the pundits and all his opponents … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Another Day, Another Poll, Another Win For Trump

Another Win For Trump The latest opinion poll published Friday, this time by Reuters/Ipsos, shows Donald Trump still pulling away from his rivals in the race to be the party’s U.S. presidential candidate. It is further confirmation, as if any were … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Donald Trump: Simply The Best Choice

Donald Trump: Simply The Best Choice If you compare Donald Trump to the rest of the Republican Party hopefuls in the Presidential race there is no comparison. Trump is simply the best of the bunch. The American people think so. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – The Republican Trump Card

The Republican Trump Card Donald Trump has caught the imagination of many millions of patriotic Americans. By entering the Presidential race he has given these people, who are frustrated and angry with Washington and its career politicians, a much needed … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Donald Trump: An Instinctive Politician

An Instinctive Politician Unlike his opponents, Donald Trump is not a career politician. But he instinctively understands the mood of the country on the key issues. And he instinctively understands that a rapidly growing number of the American people feel … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – A BIG Night For Donald.

  A Big Night For Donald So the GOP has announced the top ten lineup for the first debate on the Presidential race in Ohio in a couple of days. Despite their efforts, Donald Trump is not only included, but … Continue reading →