The Trump Report – Know Thy Enemy

Know Thy Enemy Sound advice from ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu and something we should all take on board. You might think it would be fairly clear cut these days to know who our enemies are, but it isn’t. That … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Only One Candidate Stands Out

Only One Candidate Stands out Like it or not – and the RNC obviously doesn’t – there is only one candidate so far who has stood out head and shoulders above the rest among the Republican Party’s candidates. That person is Donald Trump. The … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – What A Koch Up!

What A Koch Up! The Republican Party establishment has taken another swipe at Donald Trump. This time it is industrialists Charles and David Koch who are doing the dirty work. They have used their multibillion-dollar business empire to build a … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – I’m Awake!

I’m Awake! Usually I am quite conservative, with a small ‘c’, in my political views. You would think that that would make me hostile to Donald Trump’s intervention into the normal, and sadly predictable, political arena. But here I am, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Third Party, Fire And Theft

Third Party, Fire And Theft Don’t worry about the title of this Trump Report, I’m not trying to sell you any insurance. I’m talking about the stupid rift that appears to be widening within the Republican Party because of Donald … Continue reading →