The Trump Report: Google Glitch

. Google Glitch If you searched on Google earlier this week using the search term “presidential candidates” you wouldn’t have found the results you might have expected. The search results brought up a pictorial guide above all of the other … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Landslides!

. Landslides! There was never much doubt about who was going to win the Nebraska and West Virginia primaries given that Donald Trump was the only remaining Republican candidate in the race. Nevertheless the scale of his victories were impressive … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – The 8th Republican TV Debate

. The 8th Republican TV Debate Right from the start of the 8th Republican debate it was clear that Chris Christie had Marco Rubio squarely in his sights. Christie went all in on Rubio and by and large it worked … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Obama, You’re Unqualified!

. Obama, You’re Unqualified! It isn’t often in political commentaries like this that one gets the opportunity, or even feels inspired, to say something good about an opponent. However, today is an exception. In answer to Obama having the cheek … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Trump Confounds Media Predictions

Trump Confounds Media Predictions There have been a lot of gleeful headlines in the media recently talking about how Ben Carson has surged past Donald Trump in the polls. The implication is that Trump’s long run at the top is … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Trump Can Beat Clinton

Trump Can Beat Clinton When this presidential race started it looked like Hillary Clinton versus a same old, same old, dull and boringly ‘safe’ Republican candidate. She had it in the bag. She thought so, as did everyone else. Then … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Journalists And Jeb

When Is A Journalist Not A Journalist? Whatever the reason, these days most journalists, particularly the ones commenting on things political, vary from being slightly left of center to so far left they can’t even pretend to be objective. We … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Is America Being Dumped On?

Is America Being Dumped On? Donald Trump has caused no end of controversy with his pronouncements about illegal immigration. His rival candidates for the Republican ticket were pushing each other out of the way to verbally abuse him for it. … Continue reading →