The Trump Report: When Vladimir Met Megyn

. When Vladimir Met Megyn It was the debut episode of NBC’s ‘Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly’. It could have been so good. It was a very rare opportunity to question Russian President Vadimir Putin about so many important world … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Obama’s Pay-To-Play Revealed

. Obama’s Pay-To-Play Revealed This week Guccifer 2.0 released another 670-megabytes of hacked data from the Democratic National Committee. The leaks include more evidence of the total corruption within the DNC. It goes right to the very top, where Obama … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Has Putin Sunk Crooked Hillary?

. Has Putin Sunk Crooked Hillary? Russia’s President Putin has ordered the release of a single Hillary Clinton email that is part of the tens-of-thousands of them currently held in the possession of his Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) It is … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Trump Confounds Media Predictions

Trump Confounds Media Predictions There have been a lot of gleeful headlines in the media recently talking about how Ben Carson has surged past Donald Trump in the polls. The implication is that Trump’s long run at the top is … Continue reading →