The Trump Report: Why Is Hillary Hiding?

. Why Is Hillary Hiding? Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in well over 250 days. For someone running to be the President of the United States that is very strange. In “normal” countries with “normal” politics and a … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: That Fox Interview

. That Fox Interview In her first exclusive post-nomination interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Crooked Hillary was questioned about some of her prior lies regarding the email scandal. In response Crooked Hillary did what she does best … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – President Fiorina? I Don’t Think So!

President Fiorina? There’s a touch of Carly Fiorina mania in the air just now. Yes, she had a good night at the CNN debate. Her polling figures will no doubt increase on the back of that. For Fiorina’s presidential campaign … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Is America Being Dumped On?

Is America Being Dumped On? Donald Trump has caused no end of controversy with his pronouncements about illegal immigration. His rival candidates for the Republican ticket were pushing each other out of the way to verbally abuse him for it. … Continue reading →