The Trump Report: Fake News

. Fake News We weren’t very long into the presidential election campaign last year when we discovered the blatant mainstream media bias. It was dreadful, grossly unfair and so arrogant were those involved in the liberal media, little was done … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Donald Trump Is Breaking The Law

Breaking The Law I mean, of course, the Law of Gravity, because no matter what Donald Trump does, or what he says, or who he says it to, his popularity keeps going up. All the pundits and all his opponents … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Has Donald Trump Been Proved Right, Again?

Proved Right, Again! There’s lots of coverage on the news lately about an illegal immigrant suspected of murdering one woman, wounding another and attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl, and who was released earlier this month by Ohio sheriff’s deputies. … Continue reading →