The Trump Report: An Endangered Species

. An Endangered Species For too long Republican voters have had to suffer phony “free trade” Republicans. Now, mainly thanks to the intervention of Donald Trump in this election race, the silent majority is no longer silent and there is … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Trump’s Doing Better Than You Think

. Trump’s Doing Better Than You Think Ronald Reagan is remembered fondly as one of the best presidents the United States has had in recent times. His election against the odds in 1980 has been compared to the popular movement … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Another Humiliating Night For GOP Elite

. Another Humiliating Night For The GOP Elite Donald Trump won three out of the four contested states yesterday. They were “Yuuuge” wins too, by any standards. Mississippi 47 percent; Michigan 36 percent; and Hawaii 42 percent. Even in Idaho, where … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Jeb! Suspends His Campaign

. Jeb! Suspends His Campaign Jeb Bush suffered yet another humiliating defeat last night in South Carolina. So humiliating that – as predicted in yesterday Trump Report (if you want to read it click here) – he was forced to … Continue reading →