The Trump Report: Cutting The (Philadelphia) Cheese

. Cutting The (Philadelphia) Cheese If you are a raving masochist then no doubt you’ll be watching the DNC Convention. Granted, the protests and seeing the whole thing degenerate into a farce have been entertaining, but the main event of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Democrats Build Border Wall

. Democrats Build Border Wall The Democrat Hypocrite Party is holding its convention in Philadelphia, starting today. But even before it got under way the first item on the agenda was erecting a border wall. Are they trying to steal … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Empty Chair – DNC Style

. The Empty Chair – DNC Style Remember the Republican Convention in 2012 when Clint Eastwood famously had a conversation with an empty chair? Well, if he cares to attend this year’s Democrat Convention in Philadelphia he can talk to … Continue reading →