The Trump Report: #NeverHillary Trumps #NeverTrump

. #NeverHillary Trumps #NeverTrump Given the choice between Donald Trump as the next President of the United States or the corrupt Crooked Hillary, there really is no choice for any sane American. At long last even some of the holdouts … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: #NeverTrumps No Hope Last Hope

. #NeverTrumps No Hope Last Hope Key players in GOP’s #NeverTrump movement just launched an anti-Trump candidate into the presidential election race. The #NeverTrumps have been wanting to do this for a long time. After they couldn’t put together a … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: French Toast

. French Toast Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol’s third party candidate pick, David French, is now toast. French, the National Review writer and decorated veteran, had been considering running for president, but announced late Sunday that he would not. He … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Wins Of Change

. The Wins Of Change One could be forgiven for thinking that since Donald Trump swept to multiple victories in the North-East and got his game changing win in Indiana, causing Cruz and Kasich to drop out of the race, … Continue reading →