The Trump Report: The Big Debate – Who Won?

. The Big Debate – Who Won? The good news is that Donald Trump won the debate. The only bad news is that it was a win on points rather than a knockout. But we were looking for a win … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: A Vote For Clinton = More Unemployment

. A Vote For Clinton Is A Vote For More Unemployment Donald Trump has pledged that as President he will create 25 million jobs during his term in office. He will do it by cutting red tape, making it easier … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Trump’s Mexico Masterstroke

. Trump’s Mexico Masterstroke Donald Trump pulled off a masterstroke this week when he accepted an invitation from Mexican President Peña Nieto to travel to Mexico for a face-to-face meeting. Crooked Hillary, who is in virtual hiding apart from attending … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Trump’s Economic Plan

. Trump’s Economic Plan Yesterday we outlined how badly the economy has done under the Obama administration and how Crooked Hillary only offers more of the same failed policies. (If you want to read it, click here.) Today we concentrate … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Obama Blocks More Emails

. Obama Blocks More Emails Obama’s State Department is blocking the release of any emails from Crooked Hillary while she served as Secretary of State related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal until after November’s presidential election. The emails … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Immigration Reform Plan

Donald Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan Donald Trump has published his immigration reform plan that will make America great again. It makes good reading for any prospective voter. Trump says that, “Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first … Continue reading →