The Trump Report: Maddow’s Fake News Fiasco

. Maddow’s Fake News Fiasco In a typical example of hyped up fake news stories against Donald Trump, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow wasted almost an entire show sensationalizing the fact that they had illegally got hold of Trump’s 2005 tax … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Skewed With A Capital ‘ABC’

. Skewed With A Capital ‘ABC’ Talk about skewed? Then you’re probably talking about the latest poll from ABC that has Crooked Hillary 12 points up on Donald Trump. It’s already well known that ABC along with MSNBC, CNN (the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou Rubio?

. Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou Rubio? It is a well known fact that Rubio (the boy blunder) has one of the worst attendance records in the Senate. He conned the people of Florida into electing him as a Senator … Continue reading →