The Trump Report: The Clinton’s Secret Scandal

. The Clinton’s Secret Scandal The Clintons are so greedy and so corrupt that almost everything that they are involved with ends up as some kind of scandal. The field of education is no exception. While everybody is distracted by … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Obama’s Refugee Crisis

. Obama’s Refugee Crisis Obama and the Republican (RINO) controlled Congress have agreed to fund the permanent resettlement of 10,000 Syrian refugees. A bad decision. But a bad decision made even worse by the fact that the number of Syrians … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Third Party, Fire And Theft

Third Party, Fire And Theft Don’t worry about the title of this Trump Report, I’m not trying to sell you any insurance. I’m talking about the stupid rift that appears to be widening within the Republican Party because of Donald … Continue reading →