The Trump Report: Maddow’s Fake News Fiasco

. Maddow’s Fake News Fiasco In a typical example of hyped up fake news stories against Donald Trump, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow wasted almost an entire show sensationalizing the fact that they had illegally got hold of Trump’s 2005 tax … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Media Bias

. Media Bias This week the incredibly biased mainstream media have been working overtime to write and talk about Donald Trump’s 2 Amendment comment during a recent rally. Trump said that those who believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment could … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Trump Still Top Of The Hill

Trump Still Top Of The Hill The media have recently taken great pleasure in highlighting a couple of blips in the polls in Iowa that show Ben Carson momentarily taking the lead position from Donald Trump. Carson is certainly doing … Continue reading →