The Trump Report: Another Case Of Russian Deflection

. Another Case Of Russian Deflection One of the politicians pushing the Trump/Russian conspiracy theory very hard is top Democrat Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia. But guess who really has a relationship with Russia? You’re way ahead of me. Yes, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Work Begins

. The Work Begins Week one of the Trump Presidency has been completed and he is wasting no time starting the process of making America great again. Here is a look at the President’s First Week in the Oval Office: … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: No Country Without Borders

. No Country Without Borders Crooked Hillary, the paid servant of globalists like George Soros, wants to throw America’s borders wide open to anyone and everyone. Her “dream” is to be able to flood America with potentially another 600 million … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again Donald Trump’s key slogan in his campaign to be the next President of the United States is simple. He wants to “make America great again”. It is a fantastic goal that has caught the imagination of … Continue reading →