The Trump Report: Convention Day Four

. Convention Day Four The Theme for today’s RNC Convention is “Make America One Again”. Making America One Again is perhaps the biggest challenges that will face the next President of the United States. Barrack Obama has been one of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: President Calls It “Islamic Terrorism”

. President Calls It “Islamic Terrorism” Before you get your hopes up too high thinking that at long last Obama has recognized the threat posed to America and the rest of the world by Islamic terrorism, the words in the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – America’s Biggest Problem

. America’s Biggest Problem When Donald Trump entered the presidential race he highlighted various things that have gone wrong with America. Illegal immigration was by far the most talked about issue for many months. Everyone also knows and agrees that … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Who’s Side Is Obama Really On?

Who’s Side Is Obama Really On? A few days ago in a Trump Report titled “Trump Will Call It “Unbelievable”” (if you want to read it click here), we highlighted the fact that Commander in Chiel Obama’s strategy for defeating … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Apologize? Or What?

Apologize? Or What? It shouldn’t really be a surprise that the apologists in the Republican Party are calling, seemingly non-stop, for Donald Trump to apologize for one remark or another. It shouldn’t be a surprise, because apologizing is all the … Continue reading →