The Trump Report: It’s Those Emails Again

. It’s Those Emails Again If Crooked Hillary thought her legal troubles stemming from her private server were behind her since FBI Director Comey folded, she is mistaken. She still has to face up to an ongoing lawsuit brought by … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Stupid Judges, Stupid Decisions

. Stupid Judges, Stupid Decisions We’ve all heard about the dumb judge who years ago ordered McDonalds to pay compensation to an even dumber woman who sued the company because their hot coffee was, duh… hot. Well, it seems there … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Ted Sleaze Victim Of His Own Dirty Tricks

. Ted Sleaze Victim Of His Own Dirty Tricks Let’s start the week off with a smile. Guess who is the latest victim of a dirty trick in this election campaign? It’s not too hard a question, the title of … Continue reading →