The Trump Report: Treasury Doc. Proves Obama Lied Again

. Treasury Document Proves Obama Lied Again During that past month or so the State Department has been “unable” (read, “unwilling”) to answer even basic questions about the timing or details of a $1.3 billion payment to Iran. No thanks … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: State Dept. Admits Obama Lied

. State Department Admits Obama Lied A few weeks ago Obama was firmly mounted on his high horse and strongly denying that he capitulated once again to the Iranians by handing them more than $400 million in laundered cash as … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: That Ransom Payment

. That Ransom Payment The Iranians are openly jubilant about the $400 million cash payout that the weak willed, stupid and embarrassing Obama handed them on a silver platter. Iranian television has broadcast footage showing images of large stacks of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Waiting For Another Plane

. Waiting For Another Plane Yesterday we reported that Obama paid a $400 million ransom to the terrorist sponsoring state of Iran for the freeing of hostages. (If you want to read it click here.) Obama denied it, so we … Continue reading →