The Trump Report: The Keystone XL Pipeline

. The Keystone XL Pipeline Under the Trump administration government bureaucracy is getting out of the way so this $8 billion investment can finally get started. After years of obstruction by the Obama administration, President Trump has cleared away the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Buffett Isn’t Free

. The Buffett Isn’t Free Crooked Hillary held a small rally last week in Republican Nebraska. It was a publicity seeking event because she had in tow none other than the so-called “oracle of Omaha” billionaire investor Warren Buffet. It … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Bill’s Speaking Fees Mystery

. Bill’s Speaking Fees Mystery On what planet was a speaking fee of a former impeached president worth the best part of a million dollars? Yet that is what the American public is supposed to believe so they won’t think … Continue reading →