The Trump Report: Watch Lyin’ Ted Lyin’

. Watch Lyin’ Ted Lyin’ Here is a video clip where Lyin’ Ted lies publicly on TV that he will honor his pledge to support the winning Republican candidate. Kasich made a similar reaffirmation. Neither man honored their pledge – Kasich snubbed the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Who Won Wisconsin?

. Who Won Wisconsin? In what was definitely not a surprising result, Ted Cruz took top spot in the Wisconsin primary. Donald Trump was in second place and John Kasich in third. As a result, Cruz got 36 more delegates, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Three Into One Don’t Go

. Three Into One Don’t Go Maybe it is tempting fate just a little to say this, but failing an absolute catastrophe, Donald Trump is destined to take the South Carolina primary. The only question is the number of delegates … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – 4th Debate: A Big Winner And A Big Loser

4th Debate: A Big Winner And A Big Loser The latest Republican debate, the fourth in the series, hosted by Fox Business along with the Wall Street Journal, produced one stand out winner and one stand out loser. The big … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Kasich’s Days Are Numbered

Kasich’s Days Are Numbered A recent Trump Report titled “Dear John” (if you missed it click here, outlined how John Kasich had been demolished during the CNBC debate by Donald Trump. But guess what? Kasich thought the debate was good. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Dear John

Dear John One of the highlights of the CNBC debate – not that there were too many to choose from – was Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s attempted attack on Donald Trump and more particularly Trump’s stinging rebuttals. We all know … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – CNN Debate: Winners And Losers

CNN Debate Last night’s debate on CNN was a different kind of debate from the first one on Fox. This time there was no clear winner, unlike the Fox News debate on August 6th when it was agreed that Donald … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – St. Pete’s Shocker!

St. Pete’s Shocker! In one of the latest poll results released Donald Trump is well out in front – AGAIN!. For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida and the … Continue reading →