The Trump Report: Honor & Dishonor

. Honor & Dishonor Way back last year, on Thursday September 3rd to be precise, Donald Trump signed the Republican National Committee pledge. The pledge was dreamed up by the RNC to try to keep Trump from running as an independent … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – We Said “Bye-Bye Bobby” Already

We Said “Bye-Bye Bobby” Already Way back on September 12, in a Trump Report we said bye bye to Bobby Jindal. (If you want to read it click here.) It was after the attack he had made on Donald Trump … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Rubio, The Boy Blunder

Rubio, The Boy Blunder With Perry and Walker out of the presidential race and Jeb Bush floundering as low as 4 percent in some polls, the establishment’s favorite now seems to be Rubio the boy blunder. Rubio presents himself as … Continue reading →

The TRUMP Report – The Also-Rans

The Also-Rans “Also-rans” is a term borrowed from the sport of horse racing. It is a kind way of describing competitors in a race that were nowhere near good enough to get close to the winning post. In politics there … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Bye Bye Bobby

Bye Bye Bobby Bobby Jindal is the latest of the Republican presidential no-hopers to launch an attack on front runner Donald Trump. He did it in a speech at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. where he knew his … Continue reading →