The Trump Report: State Dept. Admits Obama Lied

. State Department Admits Obama Lied A few weeks ago Obama was firmly mounted on his high horse and strongly denying that he capitulated once again to the Iranians by handing them more than $400 million in laundered cash as … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: That Ransom Payment

. That Ransom Payment The Iranians are openly jubilant about the $400 million cash payout that the weak willed, stupid and embarrassing Obama handed them on a silver platter. Iranian television has broadcast footage showing images of large stacks of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Clinton Is Compromised

. Clinton Is Compromised Crooked Hillary’s careless use of unsecured servers while secretary of state, along with recently disclosed hacks of data stored on other Democrat computers, tells us one thing loud and clear – Crooked Hillary is entirely compromised … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – A Nightmare Scenario

A Nightmare Scenario This is not a report about the election directly today, but about something that the new president will inherit. Thanks of course to the idiot currently in the White House. Let me pose a few pertinent questions … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Know Thy Enemy

Know Thy Enemy Sound advice from ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu and something we should all take on board. You might think it would be fairly clear cut these days to know who our enemies are, but it isn’t. That … Continue reading →