The Trump Report: Poll: More People Trust Trump

. Poll: More People Trust Trump The media has been full of headlines this month telling everyone that Donald Trump has slipped, fallen behind or wasted the first six weeks of the general election. However, every time terrorism raises its … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Everybody Hates Hillary

. Everybody Hates Hillary It would not be too big an exaggeration to say that most Republicans actually hate Crooked Hillary and the lies, deceit and corruption she embodies. She could probably live with that. But her real problem is … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Barrack Obama, You’re Fired!

Barrack Obama, You’re Fired! He finally did it. He nearly did it before. Then he thought about it. And then he didn’t do it. But this time he has done it. For now anyway. Love him or hate there is one … Continue reading →