The Trump Report: The Greedy Clintons

. The Greedy Clintons The greed of the Clintons is almost beyond belief. They have amassed hundreds of millions (some say “billions”) of dollars by operating State Department pay-to-play scams, selling state secrets and lucrative government contracts to foreign countries … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Latino Has Bad News For Hillary

. Latino Has Bad News For Hillary Enrique Santos is a Latino radio host. During his radio show on last Tuesday, Santos did a phone interview with Crooked Hillary. It all started off rather nicely for Crooked Hillary. Santos conducted … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Hillary’s ‘In-Kind’ Contributions

. Hillary’s ‘In-Kind’ Contributions According to a review of its expenditures, the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made payments totaling six figures to her this election cycle. Federal campaign finance records show that starting in April 2015, … Continue reading →