The Trump Report – Deserving Of A Medal?

Deserving Of A Medal? The Constitutional Right PAC, is an organization devoted to protecting freedom in America. It has recently launched what it called the “END JEB 2016” campaign. They hold the view that “Jeb Bush is an establishment politician, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Has Donald Trump Been Proved Right, Again?

Proved Right, Again! There’s lots of coverage on the news lately about an illegal immigrant suspected of murdering one woman, wounding another and attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl, and who was released earlier this month by Ohio sheriff’s deputies. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – A Slap In The Face For The GOP!

A Slap In The Face For The GOP! In what must be a huge slap in the face for the GOP hierarchy who tried to use Donald Trump’s row with John McCain to force him to bow out of the … Continue reading →