The Trump Report: Soros

. Soros Anti-America multi billionaire George Soros is still using his money to spread hate and anti-Trump propaganda. He was a major donor to the Crooked Hillary campaign and after the American people rejected her, Soros financed numerous recount efforts … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: No Country Without Borders

. No Country Without Borders Crooked Hillary, the paid servant of globalists like George Soros, wants to throw America’s borders wide open to anyone and everyone. Her “dream” is to be able to flood America with potentially another 600 million … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Those Soros Voting Machines

. Those Soros Voting Machines More and more concerns about a rigged election are being voiced because of the possibility that some voting machines may be “doctored” and will not give the true result. It’s all because a U.K. based … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – The Trump Phenomenon Goes On

. The Trump Phenomenon Goes On The results are in for yesterday’s primaries and despite the hate ads, street protests and every other attempt to derail the Trump Train it cannot be stopped. Donald Trump chalked up another significant win … Continue reading →