The Trump Report – More Poll Results: Trump Still Dominating

. Trump Still Dominating The results of the latest StPete’s Poll of 2,694 Republican Florida voters, published a few days ago, show Donald Trump still dominating the state with more than 35 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz has risen … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Trump Tops Two More Polls

Trump Tops Two More Polls Before the CNBC debate the media was full of stories that Donald Trump was no longer the front-runner. Well, turns out that the liberal media who reported such stories with the greatest of glee, are … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – NEWSFLASH: Walker To Walk

Walker To Walk Rumor has it that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is set to walk out of the presidential race later tonight. Sources close to the Governor’s campaign are saying he is scheduled to hold a press conference in Madison, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Election Defections Update

Election Defections Update Some say good timing is everything in politics and as regards Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency, the timing couldn’t be better. America needs him NOW. The same goes for writing about politics. Timing is everything. Hard … Continue reading →