The Trump Report: Obama’s State Dept. Pressured FBI To Reclassify Clinton Emails

. Obama’s State Dept. Pressured FBI To Reclassify Clinton Emails Ever since the Crooked Hillary email scandal broke, the Obama administration has been trying to help her cover up the whole sordid mess. Admittedly that has a lot more to … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: FBI Director Comey Called “A Dirty Cop”

. FBI Director Comey Called “A Dirty Cop” According to a source inside the FBI, the “vast majority” of career agents and prosecutors who investigated the Crooked Hillary email case believed she should be prosecuted. Fox News reported that a verified … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: That Fox Interview

. That Fox Interview In her first exclusive post-nomination interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Crooked Hillary was questioned about some of her prior lies regarding the email scandal. In response Crooked Hillary did what she does best … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: President Calls It “Islamic Terrorism”

. President Calls It “Islamic Terrorism” Before you get your hopes up too high thinking that at long last Obama has recognized the threat posed to America and the rest of the world by Islamic terrorism, the words in the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Gowdy Blasts Lynch

. Gowdy Blasts Lynch On Tuesday we published a Trump Report about Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s very unhelpful appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. (If you want to read it click here.) Our Report said among other things that, “Lynch’s … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Freedom Of Speech

. Freedom Of Speech Enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of speech is the very foundation of American democracy. It is under increasing threat from liberal socialist fascism. The foisting of unwanted political correctness on the Nation … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: FL Gov. Slams Obama

. Florida Governor Slams Obama Florida Gov. Rick Scott slammed the Obama Administration and Attorney General Loretta Lynch for the plan to remove any reference to radical Islam as motivating factors behind the terror attacks in Orlando last week. Appearing … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Conflict Of Interest?

. Conflict Of Interest? Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Sunday that President Obama’s endorsement of Crooked Hillary for president does not create a conflict of interest in the FBI’s ongoing investigation of her State Department emails. Ms. Lynch insisted that … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Make Trump Indiana’s Choice

. Make Trump Indiana’s Choice In last week’s five primaries Donald Trump exceeded all expectations, winning well over 100 of the available 118 delegates. He needed at least 103 to stay on course for a first ballot nomination victory. Trump … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Obama: Self-Centered And Classless

. Obama: Self-Centered And Classless This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the most despised president of the United States, Barrack Obama, does not plan on attending the funeral of Nancy Reagan, the widow of one of the … Continue reading →