The Trump Report: Freedom Of Speech

. Freedom Of Speech Enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of speech is the very foundation of American democracy. It is under increasing threat from liberal socialist fascism. The foisting of unwanted political correctness on the Nation … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Trump Is Self-Funding His Campaign

. Trump Is Self-Funding His Campaign It is a well-known fact, and very much to his credit, that Donald Trump is self-funding his campaign to be the next President of the United States. Yet every day several emails arrive purporting … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – An Unprincipled PAC

. An Unprincipled PAC With only a few days left until the Iowa caucuses, a new super PAC has formed with the intention of taking down Donald Trump. The group, which, rather amusingly and hypocritically, is called “Our Principles PAC”, … Continue reading →