The Trump Report: Obama Bin Lyin Again

. Obama Bin Lyin Again Remember just before the big final debate when Obama called out Donald Trump and told him to “stop whining” about “rigged” elections? Well, not surprisingly knowing what a liar and hypocrite Obama really is, he … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Did You See Him Coming?

Did You See Him Coming? I’m afraid I have to admit that I didn’t think Donald Trump would run. I knew he was thinking about it very seriously but I reconciled myself to his decision being the same as in … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Barrack Obama, You’re Fired!

Barrack Obama, You’re Fired! He finally did it. He nearly did it before. Then he thought about it. And then he didn’t do it. But this time he has done it. For now anyway. Love him or hate there is one … Continue reading →