The Trump Report: New Investment In Detroit

. New Investment In Detroit Auto supply company Flex-N-Gate is to build a new $95 million manufacturing plant in Detroit. It will employ about 750 people. It is the first major investment by an auto supplier in over 20 years. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Keystone XL Pipeline

. The Keystone XL Pipeline Under the Trump administration government bureaucracy is getting out of the way so this $8 billion investment can finally get started. After years of obstruction by the Obama administration, President Trump has cleared away the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: US Car Industry Invests

. US Car Industry Invests Ford recently announced that it is investing $1.2 billion in three Michigan facilities. The investment was praised by President Trump, who during the election campaign had been a frequent critic of Ford and particularly of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Switching From Clinton to Trump

. Switching From Clinton to Trump Many voters who at the start of the presidential election campaign were certain they would be voting for Crooked Hillary have switched to Trump. Their change of heart is the result of many factors. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Trump’s Economic Plan

. Trump’s Economic Plan Yesterday we outlined how badly the economy has done under the Obama administration and how Crooked Hillary only offers more of the same failed policies. (If you want to read it, click here.) Today we concentrate … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Convention – Day Two

. Convention – Day Two The theme for the RNC Convention today is “Make America Work Again”. Under Obama the American economy has suffered. The figures tell an appalling story. During his two terms in the White House, Obama has … Continue reading →