The Trump Report: The FBI Are At It Again

. The FBI Are At It Again The Comey-led Fumbling Bunglers of Investigations, or FBI, are at it again. They are looking into the hacking of another Democrat Party group and this time it looks like donors have been the … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Cruz’s Favorability Plummets

. Cruz’s Favorability Plummets Treacherous Ted is arrogant, he is selfish, and he is stupid. It’s a deadly combination of flaws in any man in any profession, but in politics in particular the consequences can be catastrophic. Cruz’s betrayal of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Is Jeb’s Right To Rise Ready To Fall?

. Is Jeb’s Right To Rise Ready To Fall? The “Right to Rise” super PAC supporting Jeb Bush has dominated the ad-spending battle in this presidential election campaign by a significant margin. It has spent – many would argue wasted – … Continue reading →