The Trump Report: More Q’s Than A’s

. More Questions Than Answers Their convention farce is over and the Democrats officially have their nominee. Surprisingly enough after conspiring with the DNC against poor old Bernie, Crooked Hillary accepted the nomination. (That’s a little bit of Trump sarcasm.) … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Another One Bites The Dust

. Another One Bites The Dust Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is dropping out of the presidential race. He made the announcement today. In a statement published on YouTube Graham said, “While we have run a campaign that has … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – NEWSFLASH: Walker To Walk

Walker To Walk Rumor has it that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is set to walk out of the presidential race later tonight. Sources close to the Governor’s campaign are saying he is scheduled to hold a press conference in Madison, … Continue reading →