The Trump Report: Conflict Of Interest?

. Conflict Of Interest? Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Sunday that President Obama’s endorsement of Crooked Hillary for president does not create a conflict of interest in the FBI’s ongoing investigation of her State Department emails. Ms. Lynch insisted that … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Hillary’s IT Man Does Deal With FBI

. Hillary’s IT Man Does Deal With FBI More bad news for Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. Reports say a State Department employee, Brian Pagliano, an IT officer for Hillary in the State Department who helped build former secretary of … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Clinton Cries Conspiracy

. Clinton Cries Conspiracy Hillary Clinton is getting desperate. She sees her position in the polls declining. Her trustworthiness among voters is at an all time low. The Feds are looming close in the background with criminal charges. And husband … Continue reading →