The Trump Report: Comey Testifies Before Congress

. Comey Testifies Before Congress Just when America thought the Crooked Hillary email scandal was over, there’s more! Yesterday Republicans in Congress questioned FBI Director James Comey looking for fresh evidence to prolong the politically damaging saga for Crooked Hillary. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The #NeverTrumps Are Dead

. The #NeverTrumps Are Dead Yes, we’re pleased to announce that the #NeverTrumps are dead. Some of them still don’t know it yet, but they are. Rigor mortise is about to set in. The #NeverTrumps were never very big anyway. … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Two Congressional Endorsements For Trump

. Two Congressional Endorsements For Trump After his convincing win in Nevada, on top of South Carolina and New Hampshire, Donald Trump has received his first two congressional endorsements Wednesday. Rep. Chris Collins of New York had previously endorsed Jeb! … Continue reading →