The Trump Report: Corrupt Candidate, Corrupt Party

. Corrupt Candidate, Corrupt Party On the eve of the Democrat Convention next week the corruption within that party has been blown wide open. Everyone knows that Crooked Hillary is corrupt. Everyone knows that her VP pick is corrupt. And … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Make Trump Indiana’s Choice

. Make Trump Indiana’s Choice In last week’s five primaries Donald Trump exceeded all expectations, winning well over 100 of the available 118 delegates. He needed at least 103 to stay on course for a first ballot nomination victory. Trump … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Stunning 5 State Victory For Trump

. Stunning 5 State Victory For Trump It was a super Tuesday but even that superlative doesn’t do it justice. Yesterday Donald Trump completed a stunning five-state sweep of presidential primaries. The victories were overwhelming. The contests weren’t even remotely … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Desperate Collusion!

. Desperate Collusion! Sunday night saw the latest piece of scheming to deny the people their choice of republican nominee for the presidency. Trump’s two remaining rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, announced that they were going to coordinate their … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – One Final Piece Of Collusion

One Final Piece Of Collusion John Boehner seems intent on ending his miserable reign as House Speaker by once again licking the boots of President Obama. Boehner, working directly with Obama and his staffers, agreed a deal with Congressional leaders … Continue reading →