The Trump Report: It’s Those Emails Again

. It’s Those Emails Again If Crooked Hillary thought her legal troubles stemming from her private server were behind her since FBI Director Comey folded, she is mistaken. She still has to face up to an ongoing lawsuit brought by … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: State Department Re-Open Clinton Case

. State Department To Re-Open Clinton Email Investigation The FBI may be finished with Crooked Hillary but the State Department isn’t. It is re-opening its investigation of the handling of classified material by Crooked Hillary and her top aides. The … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Clinton Caught In Another Lie

. Clinton Caught In Another Lie The watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained more emails that indicate that Hillary Clinton was well aware of the security risks of communicating using a private BlackBerry. The emails expose yet again the fact … Continue reading →